Royal ACE

Royal Ace Prestige Whisky, Royal Ace is another value premium liquor brand that is a rich blend of Scotch Malts and select Indian grain spirits. Royal Ace Prestige Whisky has in a short duration of time since its launch created a name for itself by being a delicious offering of the finest blend of Indian spirits and Scotch Malts.

Since its launch in the capital, Royal Ace has delivered excellent numbers and is showing immense promise of growth and taking the Rock & Storm brand name higher and further. A spokesperson for the company expressed immense pleasure in the performance delivered by Royal Ace in the short duration since its launch and confidently exclaimed that the company expects similar performance from Royal Ace as what has been delivered by Dennis Special in the past.



Behavior: Vibrant golden and bright amber.
Nose: A Fresh hint of peat.
Taste: A Vibrant, Fresh whisky smooth and warm feeling.
Accomplishment: Warm and Lingering Honey & Fruity.
Conclusion: A dynamic and smooth whisky gives all characters of scotch which is matured in bourbon cask as Malty, Smokey and Woody.