Garrison Reserve Ultra Premiun Whisky

Garrison is Our tribute to those who are loyal, Committed, Responsible ,and keep our Fortified. Garrison is specially customised to add a Little Flavours in the Challenging lives of Soldiers and Honour their Dedication and Mystefied with Exotic Flavours for those who Deserve the Best.

The Mouth- Warning fruits mellowing into nuttty flavours Reflect the Brand’s Unique Iconography. Garrison is Creamy and have a rounded Finish which is casted to soothe the tough days. Made for connoisseurs, IT aims at embalming the palates that misses the homely snug. Blended with a burst of sweet spices, ceramy and silky flavours, garrison stands apart with a hint of peat.

The Smooth character of this blended whisky streams on the palate for a long time.