Barents Premium Gold Reserve Whisky

The Dutch sailor Williem Barrentsz who searched for the Northeast passage from Europe to Asia lived life on the edge. It was him after whom the Barents Sea was named.

His zeal to DISCOVER and insatiable hunger for adventure embarked his name in the history.

After all, adventurous journeys are adept to create history!

Inspired by the undying spirit of the Dutch sailor, this Premium Gold Reserve Whisky intends to stir a moment in your life. As the aroma of sweet spices with a hint of floral mellow toast takes you on a new journey, Barents intends to surprise your palate with each drop. Dominated by a smooth Rich & Sooty, the Nutty and Toffee flavors arouse a sensation with a burst of fruity punch, eventually leaving a lasting Smokey flavor with a trace of Bourbon cask.

This is a handcrafted blend for those who fall seven times, stand up eight!