About Us

It has been a decade since 2010 that Rock & Storm Distilleries began operations with its first manufacturing plant in the Sangrur district of Punjab. Equipped with state-of-the-art machinery with its automatic 7 lines, our plant operates in conjunction with India’s best DM water plant to generate about 40,000 litres of the finest spirits. From the finest whiskies to rum we craft spirits to soothe your taste palette. For the highest triple distilled vodka, the complete filtration machine has been imported from Russia.

The history of India clearly establishes the fact that Indian palette is made to acknowledge fine tastes. From the rarest gems, fine forms of art, intellectual highs to finest spirits, India has been a land of connoisseurs. At Rock & Storm, we understand your preferences and have been manufacturing spirits that resound with your attitude.

Our Vision

Owing to the name, we want to become the best performing and most respected spirits manufacturing companies in India, for which the seed has already been planted. Formulating an unprecedented growth of 170% CAGR , Rock & Storm Distilleries is determined and marching full-steam ahead to become a leading brand across all product segments, across India. We envision cushioning memorable evenings embarked upon the smoothness of fine spirits, produced by Rock & Storm!

Our Green Policy

We understand the congeniality of the spirits in our lives and hence we pay minute attention that the global standards of manufacturing are perfectly met. The company also remains committed towards its social responsibility and welfare of the planet and hence ensures that the units are eco-friendly and follow a zero-discharge policy. And we are stern about this!